Hennepin County, Minnesota

Hennepin County Family Justice Center

Hennepin County is the largest county in Minnesota and includes Minneapolis. It has a unified family court with 9 judges, 6 referees, and 5 child support magistrates. The project scope includes both custody/visitation matters and child-related relief in protection orders. The two most significant activities are the creation of a specific docket for protection orders in which child-related relief is requested and an outreach to the county’s urban Native population to increase access to the family court. Another key effort is to increase assistance for self-represented litigants, particularly in navigating the court’s alternative dispute resolution options, by providing an opportunity to consult with an attorney and developing informational resources regarding available options.

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Contact information

Adam Miller
Director – Justice for Families Program
MN Fourth Judicial District Family Division
110 S. Fourth St.
Minneapolis, MN  55401

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