Lessons & Products

Experiences at the four sites informed thinking on what tools, approaches, and resources are most helpful to survivors and their children. In particular, invaluable lessons were derived to improve practice beyond the four sites as well as products and materials to assist in such efforts. Gathered on this page are reports, tools, videos, interviews, and other materials and information that reflect these lessons and offer a roadmap that can help communities become aware of how the FCEP principles' promising practices were implemented in the four sites.

FCEP website reference postcard.

This handy postcard contains a brief statement about the Family Court Enhancement Project and includes a scan code to quickly access the website.

Defining Child-Related Relief in Civil Protection Orders to Enhance Safety

Many communities around the country are implementing or considering the use of facilitated settlement processes and other forms of alternative dispute resolution in civil protection order cases, a practice that may be safe and beneficial for victims of domestic violence, but only if important safeguards are established. This document is intended to provide guidance on these safeguards and how to design and implement a facilitated settlement process that we term “safety facilitation,” which specifically addresses child-related relief in civil protection orders.

Considerations for Family Courts’ Response to Domestic Violence

This document focuses on efforts to improve custody decision-making in family court cases involving domestic violence based on intensive work with the FCEP sites over several years. The sites learned a great deal about successful strategies and persistent gaps and challenges in this area. The considerations describe approaches that we have found to be effective as well as critical areas in need of new or increased attention.